Rest, Restore & Regenerate

As your health coach, I'll help you...

Create the health and well-being that you are ready to achieve in your life. In a completely safe setting, you will draft a vision of your ideal health and the compelling reasons why this vision matters so deeply to you.  And, if you are truly ready to achieve this vision, then we will design the path forward, the road map to move from where you are today to where you truly want to be. 

Working with me, you will get:

  • A realistic and achievable PLAN of ACTION that we will co-design together

  • GUIDANCE to implement changes that work within your time frame and requirements

  • Ongoing SUPPORT to course correct and stay on track

  • ACCOUNTABILITY that leads to success and sustainable change

“Unless we change ​our direction, ​we are likely to wind up where we are headed.”                                     -Old Chinese Proverb​

Meet Michael


Michael Sanders is the Founder of Accelerating Wellness and is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. In Addition, Michael is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. He specializes in preventing and reversing cognitive decline utilizing the Bredesen Protocol from AHNP Precision Health.


He offers customized and turn-key corporate wellness programming to organizations who want to enhance their employees' overall well-being, productivity, and performance.


In addition, he helps leaders and teams in organizations ratchet up their performance so they can fulfill on their promises and commitments.