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Bredesen Protocol

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

The Bredesen Protocol is a personalized, comprehensive, and Functional Medicine science-based approach to enhancing your cognition and overall well-being.

There are 7 primary lifestyle interventions that we will focus on as we work together on implementing your prevention program:


We'll create a nutrition plan that will optimize your brain health and overall well-being.

Exercise & Movement We'll design an exercise plan that works best for you.

Stress Reduction I'll help you design ways to manage your stress levels.

Sleep Optimization You'll develop a night time routine to optimize your sleep.

Detoxification I'll help you implement a program that will help you detox from elevated levels of toxicity in your body.

Brain Stimulation We'll create ways for you to stimulate your brain everyday to grow new neural connections.

Vitamin & Mineral Supplementation You'll learn which vitamins, minerals, and hormones you may be deficient in that can lead to cognitive decline.

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